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How To Treat A Lion Well While Staying Safe: Kevin Richardson Documentary Story

Have you ever wonder what it feels to be near with the most dangerous and dodgy animal in the forest? To eat with them, lie down next to them, and laugh with them? So precarious to think isn’t it? Especially, when you will be doing these things with the lions.

Lions- in old fairy tales, they are considered to be the king of the forest because of their undeniable strength and power that makes the whole land tremble every time they roar. They are hard to tamed, especially when they’re on their hungry mode.

But this guy, Kevin Richardson, is an exception to the “man-lion-bond-not-so-well” as he can get along with them nicely.

Kevin Richardson with his tamed lions.

Kevin Richardson with his tamed lions.

It was told that Mr. Richardson first saw these two lions in a land in South Africa, with only two of them were remained out of harm’s way because of their spasmodically endangered zone. The two lions were only months old when Kevin decided to adopt and took care of them. They became the latter’s best friends since then because surprisingly, they have never done something vicious to Kevin.

Here is the full documentary story of the lion man, Kevin Richardson.

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