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News : Nepal Was Again Hit By A 7.3 Magnitude Earthquake (Tragedy)

After the 7.8 magnitude earthquake that shaken and tears the lives of many people in Nepal, once again they has been horrified with a 7.3 magnitude once again that leads to people to scared again and run to a open area for their safety. This second major shaken of the ground in Nepal causes some major damage of infrastructure and reaches up to 60+ people found dead after that second breaking of the ground. Many casualties are identified injured in this tragedy after that first impact of the earthquake.
Due to this tragedy many people in Nepal are seeking for a help in their food, water supply, medication, and their place to live in specially those people in the most terrific area that affected.

The Nepal Government is now seeking for assistance from different country worldwide because of their scarcity in their basic supply such as food, water and medical assistance for the residence that mostly affected of this tragedy. Lets us help and pray for the victims of earthquake in Nepal.

Updated: May 13, 2015 — 11:36 am

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