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KathNiel Fans Apologized To James Reid And Nadine Lustre

The so-called KathNiel fans who are known for their loyal support but egocentric attitude, finally apologizes to James Reid and Nadine Lustre who are popularly known as Jadine.

The group expressed their sincere and heartfelt repentant as they admitted that they were wrong, asking for the Diary Ng Panget star’s forgiveness.

The fans first started to create the page “Jadine haters” where they expressed their disappointment when a certain KathNiel fan said to Nadine that she will put an acid to the latter’s face. After which, it was televised in the famous Philippine talk show, The Buzz, where it looks like the fantard of Kath and DJ were the one to blame, and probably this was the reason why the fans created a page to let their side be known.

But it seems like the war between these two well-known fans club did not stop yet as Jadine fans also created their own page, “Kathniel haters” in counter attack to “Jadine haters.” There it started the chaos among between these fantards as they seriously bash each other’s idols on their corresponding Facebook page.

But a status posted in April 28, 2015, the KathNiel supporters finally stopped bashing James and Nadine and even apologized to the two celebrities saying that they admitted they were wrong in the first place and wanted to put an end to the chaos with the Jadine fans. Here is the status posted on their page:

jadine haters says sorry-newzzilla


The KathNiel fans got an applause to some social media as other people have said, “nalaman nila ang kanilang pagkakamali and they also know to say sorry and respect other people.”

I’m also proud of u KathNiel fans!


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