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Floyd Mayweather On Visiting The Philippines: Denies That He Had A Spy To Watch Manny’s Training Before Their Fight

Floy Mayweather Jr. got the newest title as the new-fangled “pound-for-pound” king after beating the Filipino’s pride, Manny Pacquiao.

With regards to being still undefeated and considered as the greatest fighter to his loyal supporters, the pretty boy wanted to visit the Philippines to help those poor people. Well, it seems that Manny get a hold of Floyd’s respect because of what he’d shown the latter to the ring to the fight of the century happened in May 3, 2015 at the MGM Grand Arena.

But it seemed that boxing fans aren’t contented with the fight’s results and even shouted that Manny should be the one who’ll consider to be a winner because he definitely shut Mayweather’s face on the ring. However, the decision was made and Mayweather was still undefeated.

In the issue that Mayweather’s camp has a spy to watch over Manny’s technique that the latter will perform in the ring, Floyd abruptly denied the allegations telling everyone that he just studied the Filipino’s way of fighting from his recent fights.

Here is a fan-made video telling why Floyd was afraid to Manny before the fight was held.

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