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Bacolod’s Most Beautiful Faces: Likers’ Choice!

It seems that Bacoleῆa beauties are making different spectacles on the online world now. Their popularity continue to make every boys and girls, or whatever gender, to go thrilled and excited every time they posted on their corresponding social media accounts.

And because Bacolod has a lot of pretty and good-looking faces, here are the top three ladies considered to be the most beautiful as thousand of likers had said it themselves!

Top Three: Bien Ernal

Bien on stunning floral dress

Bien on stunning floral dress

Among the three, she is considered to be the simple one. Because she possessed a plain but striking face and figure, most netizens swiftly admired her simple beauty then. She’s an outgoing, happy person based from sources closed to her. She has thousands of followers. Fans of hers are called “bienatics.”

Top Two: Karchedel Allyssa Concepcion


Karchedel on eye-catching cocktail dress.

Though she’s young, this Concepcion beauty is known for her outstanding modeling career here in Bacolod. She has a dazzling face that makes every boys go crazy every time they see her. She’s only sixteen years old but she already owned an outstanding exquisiteness because she pretty nailed and still managed to look gorgeous whatever clothes she wears.

Top One: Kheny Soliva Berco


Kheny on her usual astonishing outfit.

Well, should I say it one more time? Yes, Kheny’s got the title as the most followed, like, and has most number of fans not only here in Bacolod, but also outside the city. With her face that’s oozing with sex appeal and a body to die for, what else is there to ask more? Not only that she possessed a pretty and sexy face, but she’s also well-known for being a pet-lover especially with dogs, her natural sweetness and kindness when her fans are taking a selfie with her, and her non-stop ridiculous ways of showing herself. Well, probably those were the reason why she got a lot of supporters. Everyone loves her, especially those little girls!

Here are some videos of Bacolod’s most beautiful faces. Hope you enjoy reading!

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