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Aiko Chihira, The Android Robot Receptionist

Imagine that the things that may seems impossible but now can be possible. Humans knowledge is really amazing, they always make something new to have an innovative technology.

We know a lot of robots that can done many things like ASIMO the Honda’s Advanced Step in Innovative Mobility, articulated welding robots used in a factory and Quadrupedal Military robot Cheetah an evolution of Big Dog.

They are some of the robots that we can be proud of, but wait there’s more meet the new like-life android robot receptionist, Aiko Chihira. Aiko first day of work April 20, 2015 at the major department store at Tokyo, Japan amazed the customers as they enter the department store.

According to Hitoshi Tokuda the Toshiba Research and Development Division Chief Specialist, Aiko is not made of advance technology but made of things that are analogue nature, an accumulation of Craftsmanship.

“We hope the Robot will spark conversation between people and rather using touch panel displays directions which makes a very cheerless way of communicating directions”, said Gakudai Nanba the Store Marketing Manager.

He added that, “Im hoping this will become something that would spark a giggle or two”.

Watch the video below to know more the Humanoid receptionist.

Aiko, can help the customers by using the pre-programmed script and soon she can speak many different languages.

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