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Jam’s Mother Shows Her Resentment Towards Mich Liggayu

In remembering Jam;s 40 days of death, his mother, Maricar Sebastian has shown her deep side of the story with regards to her son’s death.

According to her, Mich Liggayu, Jam’s lover, was just using her son for the money even when he was alive. This statement comes from Ms. Sebastian herself during the Startalk Interview which was done on Saturday. She also that when she claimed Jam’s property on the lover’s house back when Jam was alive, but Mich told them that she’ll think about it. And up until now, Mich was still using Jam’s image to make fund, that explains why the Facebook, YouTube, and Google accounts of the latter were log off on his phone. The mom also explained that these social media accounts of Jam were log off especially his Google account because her son’s income were all there, the earnings which the Jamich had produce through their YouTube channel.

Regardless of the NeoMich issue, Maricar said that there are different rumors that she’d heard about it, but she will not talk on this subject yet.

here is the exclusive Startalk interview to Jam’s mom.


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