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Patrick Schwarzenegger Just Using Miley Cyrus For Her Money? Their Relationship Is On The Rocks Now

Sources told that former Disney princess Miley Cyrus, and Patrick Schwarznegger’s relationship is in trouble right now. Rumors started when Patrich was caught on a photograph flirting the girlfriend of his friend in a party during spring break on the end of March, this year.

Sources who are close to the couple said that Miley was still willing to give Patrick a chance despite of the obvious cheating he’d done to her. They also added that the twenty-one year old singer was very much in love with this guy and she can’t let him go that easy.

In lined with this, the pair’s friends also told that Miley pays all the expenses whenever she and her man goes out. One of the evidence is shown on the video below. They also added that Miley really has a budget for Patrick when it comes to his clothing and travel expenses. However, if Patrick still continue to cheat on her despite of Miley’s effort to make him happy, the wrecking ball star will not hesitate to leave him.

As for the moment, the sources told that the relationship of the two is still on the rocks, leaving each of them the decision to break or continue their love affair.

Here is the video showing that Miley was giving Patrick money on a date.


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