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Lending A Hand Went Wrong: “Thought He Was Helping Me!”

Have you ever met a guy whom you though that could help you out? You’re hoping that he’ll lend a hand on you because you’re having a hard time doing something? Well, dream on girls.

Being a gentleman seems to disappeared in every man’s system nowadays. Well, I’m not saying that all guys have no manners anymore or no man will ever help you out, it’s just that, some are really looks like they’re not man enough in every situation which shows that they’re not worth to be called a “real” man and doesn’t deserve every woman’s value.

This video will be a proof to that.

While roaming around in the grocery store, this woman find something to buy. Unfortunately, she was too small to pick her choice. Until, this tall man came around. Looking at the lady, it seems that he was going to lend a hand to her. But look what he did.

See that? What a gentleman he is!

But others thought that this video was funny. I, myself, think that too. Hehe!

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Alyssa Marie David a.k.a "naekeo" is currently a 4th year student in Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, taking up Bachelor of Science in Information System.

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