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Jenine Desiderio Defended Her Daughter Janella Salvador From Different Bashers

With the fame and recognition that Janella Salavdor gained in showbiz industry due to her non-stop shows and teleseryes, haters were starting to smash the Oh My G star in different social media accounts that lead Janella’s mother, Jenine, to already confront them and defend her daughter.

According to the single mother, it was never her intention to be baited by daughter’s haters, it’s just that they’re already doing too much, causes Janella’s image to turned terrible in public. Jenine says that there was even one who questioned Janella’s birth, whether if she is truly the daughter of the former Miss Saigon and singer-song writer, Juan Miguel Salvador. This angered Jenine and eventually posted Janella’s birth certificate in one of her social networking site account, saying that the teen star was really her daughter and told them to stop bashing her child.

The former Miss Saigon also added that if they wanted to destroy Janella’s image, they would have to create editorial piece based on facts to make it more effective.

I guess Jenine was just concerned about her daughter and wanted not a single portion to cause Janella’s image dirtied. She was a mother, after all.

If you want to watch this mother and daughter’s amazing performance, watch this video where they sing together “I’ll Be There.”

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