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Australian Golfer Bitten By A Crocodile While Hunting His Ball

The Golf fanatic in Australia was trying to hunt his golf ball on a water on its 11th hole when he is attacked by a 1.5 meter salt water crocodile that causes him to have a deep laceration in his shin and a deep punctured wound on his calf. According to the 75 year old John Lahiff he was been always used to play at the Palmer Sea Reef Golf Course in Port Douglas Australia and he often got his ball to the water but this time he is surprise that he hadn’t seen the salt water crocodile coming and staring at him when he was haunting for his golf ball.
This accident still don’t make any refused for John Lahiff to stop playing golf, instead he said that after he recovered from this accident he still want to play Golf but with more precaution. This accident warned many golfer to be more aware to their surroundings while playing.

Updated: April 18, 2015 — 7:37 am

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