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Tinderella’s Happily Ever After: Fairytales Now

In the past few years, classic fairy tales are a great source of joy of every children. They made to believe that every stories have a happy ending, a pleasant environment, and a price charming that will come to save and love you.

But throughout this year, modern fairy tales give the impression of reality that the teenagers are doing on the present. College humor created this animated film about a modern Cinderella who was now called as “Tinderella.”

Let’s watch Tinderella’s fun adventures in life.

See? There was really a happily ever after because they never met again! This just shows that transformation can also be done even in fairy tales. They first exchange conversation on social networking sites, meet-up, and just did it! After that, they act as if nothing happened. How wonderful!

This video earned almost 6 million views on YouTube already giving the viewers a fun and enjoyable entertainment but also a great lesson among the teenagers. Thanks to CH!

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