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Taylor Swift: “My Mom Has Been Diagnosed With Cancer”

Even stars has downfall, as the country-pop singer, Taylor Swift confessed that her mom, Andrea Finlay is now suffering from cancer. The singer posted this declaration on her Tumblr account that after a series of check-up, it was found out that that Andrea is currently battling cancer. She asked her fans’ support and prayers to help them keep going, especially her mom, to continue fighting for the huge predicament they will about to encounter.

Andrea Finlay has been very supportive to her daughter, Taylor, in all means. That’s explained the closeness and affection Taylor have for her mother, and after hearing that her mom has this disease, Taylor was very devastated knowing that her mom acts perfectly fine in front of them, together with the other family members. Andrea wants them not to worry about her that’s why she’d been rejecting the singer’s opinion to go to the doctor and have a health check.

And now, Taylor is telling us on her social networking sites account that her mom has already confined on the hospital, wanting everyone to know that she has this cancer, to serve as an inspiration to every parents who keep this kind of sickness to their children.

Here is the full report regarding Andrea Finlay, Taylor Swift’s mother, having a cancer.

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