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Sandara Park Didn’t Like Hero Angeles Back Then Despite Of The On-Cam Sweetness They’ve Shared Back In 2005

Sandara Park and Hero Angeles, the former members of the Star Circle Quest First Batch had taken a great success for their team-up also known as “HeroSan” nack in 2005. Because of their said “natural chemistry,” the two effectively gained loyal fans across the globe and shared different shows and movie projects together.

But after Hero’s interview in Aquino and Abunda Tonight with regards to his showbiz homecoming, the HeroSan fans (including me) were shocked and devastated upon hearing that the former love team don’t seem to like each other in real-life. Disappointing, isn’t it?

Hero shared his experiences with Dara, now a member of the Kpop girl group, 2NE1, that she was a little weird back then when they have just started in showbiz. He also admitted that Sandara is the one that don’t like him and was not comfortable with him, despite their sweetness in photos and other on-cam moments. “Iba yong kultura kasi nila,” Mr. Angeles told. He also said that their last meeting where they talked is also on 2005.

Sandara Park leave the country in the year 2007 to start a new life in her native land, Korea, and later gained fame in the Kpop industry along with her 2NE1 members. While Hero stop showbiz for almost eight years because of the different controversies about his manager, who was also his brother. Hero is now officially back in showbiz after a long wait.

What do you think guys? Would there be another “HeroSan” project despite of their past?

If you miss this love team, this video will sure to cheer you up.

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