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One Best Shocking Moment: Hey! I Almost Died!

Have you ever experience being shocked that you almost had a heart attack? Well, if you do, how did you recovered?

This daughter seems to like poking fun at her mother all the time. Evidence? Here they are in the car. The mother looks like she is busy doing or keeping something, maybe the things they needed for their road trip. The daughter who was taking a video, seems to be calm at first. Until suddenly, Raawwr! She made a really horrible sound causing her mother to get shocked that she almost had a heart attack!

Silly daughter. Did she have to do that to her mom though she only wanted it to be a fun moment?

Whatever her intentions that she scared her mom like hell, this video made your day again right? So does that mean we have to thank this girl?

How’s your life guys? Mine was a blissful one if you’d ask. Hehe

Keep laughing!

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Alyssa Marie David a.k.a "naekeo" is currently a 4th year student in Carlos Hilado Memorial State College, taking up Bachelor of Science in Information System.

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