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Mayweather Had Been Knocked-Out By A Sparring Mate: Want To Cancel The Fight With Manny?

In a recent report, Mayweather was said to have been knocked out by the earlier world champion Zab Judah in a sparring game in his Boxing Club in Las Vegas.

After that devastated knocked-out game, the distressed and angry Mayweather was heard by one of his coaches saying that he will not be doing that “shit” out which he profoundly refer to the upcoming fight with the Filipino’s World Champion, Manny Pacquiao.

It was also told by the sources that Mayweather never made progress after that devastating knocked-out game and just wanted to retire immediately from Boxing.

However, the Pacquiao team still believed that the fight will still be happening for many boxing fans and viewers had been anticipating for this match to come. Pacquiao is currently doing a great training in the wildcard gym at Los Angeles City.

As of today, not only both Filipinos and Americans are excited for the fight of century to come, but the whole world is now all-eyes for this.

Meanwhile, here’s the video of Mayweather-Pacquaio Press Conference.

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