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Lesson Learned: Don’t Play With Balloons Again!

Hey! Here’s another short failed video again that will surely make your day!

This was supposed to be an amazing stunt again, but unfortunately, it failed for the second time. Haha!

Have you ever played with a balloon? How about tried to jump out with that? What was your result? Was that a remarkable stunt? Or were you the same with this girl who was very unlucky on doing her shot with the balloon stunt? Whatever your result is, you should watch this and make the best laugh of your life!

See? She was supposed to be doing an amazing balloon exhibit! Haha! But she did not succeed anyway so I bet she just tried to move on for the sake of her balloon.

And did you see the baby’s laugh after that girl’s failed moment? He’s incredible right? A baby’s laugh that could easily take hold of your emotion and turned you into a laughing monster too.

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