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The New Character Josie Rizal Of Tekken Are Big Insult to Filipino?

As one of the continuing top played video-game of all time Tekken released its new female character which named after our National Hero Jose P. Rizal and its named was Josie Rizal. It was been popular game all throughout especially for the Filipino’s because it can be found almost at all gaming station nationwide. And for us Filipino we are very surprised in what had Tekken has been updated, but many argued about this new update by Tekken.

Many are happy because as a Filipino we are very flattered and amazed that we had a contribution with a very well known video game like this. But some are said to be insult in this news as they said that it is not should be tolerated because it is a dis respect for our national hero Jose Rizal and some Filipino’s are not happy with it just like the ER Ejercito who has announced his dis agreement for this lates update of Tekken . Josie Rizal was created by Mari Shimazaki and Mark Julio, who is also a true blooded Filipino.

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