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Zayn Malik Wanted To Be A Solo Artist?

Zayn Malik, now former member of the boy band One Direction, was reportedly leaving the band as he was stressed-out with the life he was living at the moment. But speculations came across when the Perrie Edward’s guy was spotted hanging out with Naughty Boy, an album producer who also worked with Sam Smith’s debut album.

Questions then arises from the band’s fans: Does he wanted to be a solo artist then?

Probably, that’s one of the reasons. Malik was known for his fine music, as well as his own music writings. He recently told in one of his interviews that he wanted to chill out for a while, write a few songs, and relax. And maybe this would be his big break. Being a solo artist without the band’s other members’ influence.

However, Zayn Malik and his former co-members don’t have a feud or something. They were still friends actually. Malik was also grateful that his ex-band has been very supportive with his decision and said that they do understand him. See? So don’t worry guys! They’re still in good terms.

When asked about his fiance, singer Perrie Edwards, Zayn happiy shared that their wedding is still on the go and that his girlfriend still remained compassionate with him despite of the photo issue that he’s with another woman.

If you want to watch the amazing voice of Zayn Malik performing live, here’s a video that worth to take a glance!

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