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Miley’s Tooth Turned Into A Necklace’s Pendant?

According to the former Disney Princess now turned to a punk star Miley Cyrus, making her freshly-removed tooth into a necklace’s pendant is one of her grossest Instagram’s post ever! Well, maybe you’ll find this nasty and unpleasant, but guess what? The singer doesn’t seems to care at all!

Miley's newly-removed tooth turned to a necklace's pendant.

Miley’s newly-removed tooth turned to a necklace’s pendant.

Maybe you’ll also think that “Is she crazy or something?” But no. The singer just stated that it was purely an art for her in making her tooth a pendant. In fact, Miley Cyrus was not the first hollwood singer to do this thing. Other artists which includes Kesha also did this kind of art. the only difference was that, the other singer used her fan’s tooth and pit it in her necklace.

Disgusting or not, we just have to accept other people’s point of view when it comes to art. Whether they display they tooth as that, let them. Every thing they wear could also mean to something, anyway.

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