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The Amazing Spiderman’s Couple Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone Rebuff The Issue of Breaking-Up: Sources Told!

The newly-engaged Hollywood couple, Andrew Garfield and Emma Stone are facing the harshness and fabrication of the paparazzi’s right now since the break-up issue is still continuing.

The rumors started to spread when other sources told that the couple had a misunderstanding in planning their upcoming wedding. Emma wanted it to be stylish as other ladies would like to on their wedding day. Apparently, Andrew just wanted it to be customary and simple. How could they get along with this?

Well, sources that are closed to the pair said that they simply agree with each other’s ideas. To whose plan? We don’t know. Let’s just see it on their wedding day.

Other rumors spread when Andrew did not seen on the Oscar’s Awards where Emma is nominated as best supporting actress and was said to have ditched Emma already. Andrew politely told his close sources that he just purely wanted it to be Emma’s night, not their relationship as it would have been if he accompany his girlfriend. As understanding as Emma was, he didn’t get agree to his man. See how their relationship went well? It’s not what you think or expect guys. They aren’t actually breaking up and the wedding is still in!

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