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Kristen Stewart or Lily Collins?

Issues regarding the two hottest and well-known Hollywood female celebrities Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins that the two are competing with each other seems to clamor everywhere.

Well, to let you guys know, there is actually no rivalry between them. And to make this sounds right, there are actually photos of the two actresses that shows there is no contention between them, but purely gives us ideas that some how they are friends in real life.

The rumors that the two beautiful celebrities have feud started when the Mirror Mirror comes out in theater (which Lily Collins played as Snow White) after the blockbuster success of the Snow White and the Huntsman (which Kristen’s played the main character as the Princess Snow White). Sources say that the two were somehow have similarities regarding with their looks and how they portray their characters. Aside from this, there is also an issue that says Lily Collins would have been much better than Kristen in plating “Bella Swan” in The Twilight Series Movie Adaptation. Collins tried to audition ti get the part of Bella Swan but unfortunately, she lost to Stewart. Lily Collins did not actually felt bad about it saying that Bella Swan was not really meant for her and that Kristen could do better in doing that part.

The two stars keep on getting better as of today as shown in their busy schedules showing that they are doing well on their careers.

Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins showing their glamorous styles on Awards Night.

Kristen Stewart and Lily Collins showing their glamorous styles on Awards Night.

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