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Explosion in New York Cause 19 Injured

A big explosion occurs in Lower Manhattan New York city resulting for the two buildings to collapse and injured at most 19 people and announced one missing. As investigation goes deep they say that it is cause by a gas explosion came to a gas related factor that comes from building 121 at second avenue, and then captured the building 123 also in second avenue near seventh streeet that happens to collapse.

Many speculation had appear causing this massive incident some says it was happened through the gas-leak from the building but they say that there were no reports in this activity before the explosion. The fire was very intense in order for the fire fighters to launch an outside attack because they cant penetrate inside the burning building. Many survivors happen to jump on the smoking window and fire exit causing them to gain some minor injuries. The updates for this incident was it has 19 reported injured survivors and 1 missing unidentified person.

Updated: March 27, 2015 — 5:21 pm

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