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Prank: Zombies Are Coming For You!

What would you feel if a bunch of zombies are coming to your way? In point of fact, you will run screaming, scuttle for your life, or even fall out down for the count.

If I were to answer this question, I supposed I’ll just automatically fall out of unconsciousness. That’s how much I feared zombies.

If you actually one of me, maybe you would go down to the same thing. But this people who were the victim of the prank called: Zombie Apocalypse in YouTube, uploaded by SA Wardega, showed a different thing. Well, it’s no unusual because they automatically ran out  shattering with panic and horror as they saw with their actual eyes that zombies are coming to get and eat them.

As you can see on the video, the creator really did such a great job for building such realistic zombies. With the way they act as if eating all the flesh of their victims, the way they make the other people who saw them dread of terror. How pragmatic could it be!

The video gained a total of 20, 015, 032 views with 164, 506 likes and 12, 522 dislikes. Others said that this was the most horrible prank of 2014.



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